Community policing is a collaborative partnership between the Sheriff's department and the citizens, businesses, schools, non-profits, media, and other government agencies in Bryan County.


    Under my leadership, the Bryan County Sheriff's department will, through development and training, build a climate and culture which fosters these partnerships. We cannot solve public safety problems alone.


    The Bryan County Sherriff's Office is charged with protecting county schools, however, there is no current representation from the sheriff's on the School Safety Committee. Under my leadership, this will change.


    I will meet with the School Board and Superintendent to put together a comprehensive plan which will ensure any changes fit into the school district's budget. I will work to secure State and Federal grant funding to hire dedicated officers to cover the schools in Bryan County and ensure they are properly trained to work within a school building.


    Changes will include target hardening, training to respond to active shooters, an officer advisor available to High School Students, and school safety audits in every school.


    The Sheriff oversees a budget of $_________ and ________ employees. The public has a right to know and participate in what law enforcement is doing in their communities. I will hold town halls, convene citizen review boards, and share as much information as is legally possible.


    We need a modern approach to drug enforcement. Locking everyone up is not a solution. I will work with the DEA to ensure pharmacies are not becoming pill factories. We will begin an education campaign on how to control drug sales and abuse. Lawmakers decide how these things are criminalized, I will enforce the law while providing education and compassion.